"Our passion for Mexico is as strong and pure as Playa Real Tequila.
Crystal clear like the skies over the white-sand beaches and smooth
as the calm ocean, Playa Real Tequila is the drink the locals keep to
themselves. After all, when you know something is special, you want
to keep it to yourself. With each sip, we’re brought back to Mexico,
enjoying a great cocktail on the beach..."


Playa Real Silver Tequila is filtered through a unique triple
distillation process to produce the smoothest tequila possible
delivering an authentic tequila taste that envelops the palate
in a smooth, unobtrusive nature.

Rather than just soaking up the sun on our travels through
Mexico, we immersed ourselves in the culture. Our greatest
discovery: fruit-infused tequila.Playa Real Mandarin is as
refreshing as an ocean dip, and flows as smoothly as rolling
waves of the tide. With each sip we’re brought back to Mexico,
relaxing on the golden beaches, endless sunshine and
happy memories...

One of the things we appreciate most about Mexico is its’
vibrant culture and zest for life, which are captured perfectly
in Playa Real Pineapple. Soft, sweet and vividly reminiscent
of our experiences, this fruit infused tequila is perfect on the
rocks, straight or combined with your favorite mixer. With
each sip, we‘re brought back to Mexico’s vivacious celebrations
and passion for enjoyment...